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 Hakushin Kuchiki

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Hakushin Kuchiki


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PostSubject: Hakushin Kuchiki   Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:20 pm

Name: Kuchiki, Hakushin

Age: 200

Visual age: 19

Ex-Division: Former Kidou Corps Captain

Appearance: Avatar, but i wear a hooded claok instead of what is in my avatar.

Personality: Haku seems to be quiet and collect. He usually can be found reading reports on the new captains, or just working iwth Kuroroze. He has a talent to read people in battle(Sorta like Stark). He usually finds the weakness in the Foes style or over all weakness and hits that weakness. Hakuteiken's, Haku's hollow, is a blood thristy hollow waiting to get to play witht he foe.


Human Life

Hakushin had a normal life, beside he was a Pro Soccer player. He had money, and beauitful wife. Haku had it all. He was in Europe for a Soccer tour, and he went out to party with his freinds. They was driving back, when a car hit the side that Haku was on he was killed on impact.

In the Soul Society

When Haku go to the Soul Society. He soon enter the Academy, and passed earlier then the rest.While in the Academy he master the Flash Step before he left. He has become as fast as Byakuya Kuchiki was. The Kuchiki family took him into there family as one of there sons. That made Haku's head bigger with pride. He had great fighting Skills, along with great power and skill in Kidou. They accept him into the Kidou Corps. He worked his way up to Lieutenant of the Kidou Corps. Haku's Zan. is really close to Byakuya Kuchiki was. Same activion Phrase and everything. Everyone was so shocked. he soon made Skills like Byakuya's later on in his life. Haku is really strong in both fighting hand-to-hand, and in Kidou. After, finding his captain, adn training alittle. the Espada attacked the S.S. Haku's Captain, didn't give an order or anything. So the Kidou corps staied out of the fight. After,the war All the Captain's and Lts. was called for a trail of three captains that didn't come into the fight. Haku's captain as apart of them. After, a long trail His captain was found Not Guilty, but has his Captain rights removed. Leaving Haku for the Captainship. He went in and was accepted. Afterwhile of being a captain. Haku found out someone was raising forces to go against the Soul king. After, this whole thing went down. The leader disbanded and left everyone.

Getting hollow power's

After, the whole Force against the Soul king ended. Haku felt a dark power getting stronger inside of him. Here is the story.

Haku has been running for hours now. After he left the meeting with the permission of Dae Mang, his leader. He has been looking for the Vizard Mansion. Haku is wearing his normal pants he always wears, he has no shirt on because it would only slow him down. He is wearing Kuroroze on his right hip with his Former Corps Captain symbol on a plate that is now on the lace that holds the Sword to his hip. The darkness inside of him has been growing for sometime now. It only just got so bad that he can barely move in the times that it grows out of anger. Haku sudden feels th Dark Aura begin to build again. He falls out of the trees not far from the mansion, but far enough that it won't get destroyed if he loses control. He falls to his knees from the crazy amount of pain that this is having on his body.

“Jesus, I still haven't found this. Dammit can this get any worse.”

When Haku says this the Pain grows and he begins to sweat badly. He looks around to try to find anyones Spirit Pressure near-by. Haku trys to get up, but he falls back down on to his stomach. His vision begins to blurs badly as he breath heavily. Haku then finds himself in a area just like the Forest, but larger, darker, and he sees a shadowy figure standing not far from him wearing a black hood and cloak. Haku gets up and looks at the firgure.

“Who are you, answer me! What is this place?”

The figure chuckles as he throws back his hood. The figure looks exactly like Haku, but his hair is pure white and his pants are the same. His eyes shine bright gold, and a pure white Zanpaktou on his right hip. The figure takes some steps back.

“My name isn't important weakling. Now, for the answer to your second question. This is Your Mind Realm as I call it, or it is called your Spirit Realm. I'm your inner hollow. Yes, I know hard to believe, but it is true my dear Haku.”

The shadowy figure speaks with a voice like velvet. The unnamed hollow just stands there relaxed and calm in every way. He moves his pure white hair out of his face.

“If you want my power Haku you are going to have to defeat me. This is a great honor for you. Most people don't find there way into this place by themselves.”

Outside the Realm

Haku's body gets up smiling evilly as he begins to cause chaos around the forest. Destroying trees and creating huge craters. He kills animals and people camping. Meanwhile, inside the realm.

Inside the realm.

Haku chuckles slightly at the thought of him having a Inner Hollow. He unsheathes Kuroroze form it's Pure black sheath.

“It is formal to state your name before you fight. You already know mine, but what is yours Hollow?”

Haku asks with he eyes locked on his enemy. The Hollow laughs as he unsleaths his blade from it's pure white sheath.

“My name is Hakuteiken. Now we fight.”

Haku smiles as he holds his blade out in front of him. Hakuteiken does the exact same thing. Hakuteiken simply smirks. Haku yells,”Scatter, Kuroroze!”. At the exact same time Hakuteiken yells the same thing. Haku's black Kuroroze scatters into black rose petals with red splatters on them. Hakuteiken's Kuroroze scatters into red petals with black splatters on them. Hakuteiken chuckles as his petals swirl around him.

“Are swords are the same Haku nice try though.”

Haku looks completely surprised that they have the same sword.

“I will show you how to use it though, Hakuteiken.”

Haku slashes the handle of Kuroroze at Hakuteiken, and his petals fly at him getting into his swirl of petals cutting him barely. When the petals cut into Hakuteiken's body. He quickly Flashsteps out of reach of them, and makes his petals fly at Haku's shoulder. Hakuteiken's petals cut Haku's Shoulder pretty bad, but he dodges also.

He smiles as he Flashsteps to him. When Haku gets close to Hakuteiken. He slashes upward and the petals cut up Hakuteiken's chest making him bleed about a bad as Haku is bleeding form his shoulder. Haku then kicks him away and flips back landing perfectly.

Hakuteiken gets cut, but goes back with it. So he isn't bleeding as bad. He chuckles as he looks at Haku.

“Hmm, nice move, but I'm faster, stronger, and better in every way to you.”

Hakuteiken Flashsteps faster, then before and says at the same time.

“Roze Hane!”

Bright red wings with black marks on them appear on his back and cut Haku badly as Hakuteiken goes by him.

Haku flashsteps to the left as Hakuteiken comes at his left. Hakuteiken's wings cuts his side pretty deep, but he rolls and recovers.

“Using my own moves against me! Now dare you!”

Haku flashsteps following Hakuteiken. Haku smiles as he yells, ”Hayai Heki!” . A blade begins to form out of the sight of Hakuteiken. Haku smiles as he keeps running after Hakuteiken through the forest.

Hakuteiken Smiles as Haku dodges his move and begins to follow him. Hakuteiken hears what Haku yells, and lets out a small curse. Hakuteiken stops suddenly and his wings return to petals. Hakuteiken swings the handle of his White Kuroroze at Haku. The petals fly at his head.

Haku makes his petals hit the on coming petals. The petals collide, and Haku moves tot he right alittle blowing pass the colliding petals. He smiles as he makes the Hidden blade fly at Hakuteiken. The blade goes for his stomach. A hit there would surely end this match and make him the winner.

Hakuteiken looks shocked at the petals hitting each other. He points a finger at Haku who is running at him. He smiles as he says,” Byakurai(White thunder)! ”. Hakuteiken fires a bolt of lightning from his fingers as he jumps to the left and the blade hits his right shoulder going through it.

The kidou hits Haku directly in the chest. He falls tot he ground as Kuroroze goes back tot he sealed state. He lay there thinking about his next move. He trys to get up, but falls back down. He is breathing heavily. He knows he will have to end this soon.

Hakuteiken laughs as he seals his Kuroroze and sheaths it. He walks over to Haku and picks him up by his head.

“Oh, you look tired, and hurt.”

Hakuteiken pouts and throw him throw the forest.

Haku flys through the forest hitting trees and them breaking from his body. He lands on the ground covered in blood, but while Hakuteiken grabed him. He grabbed his blade right before he threw him. Haku throws down Hakuteiken's Kuroroze and unsheathes his. He stands up shaking badly. He smiles as he drops Kuroroze into the ground saying, ”Ban-kai!” . The blade fazes into the ground and Two rows of Black roses with blood dripping from them raise from the ground behind Haku.

Hakuteiken turns to leave as he feels for his Kuroroze. Hakuteiken panic as it is not there. He turns around and see Haku active his bankai. Hakuteiken Suddenly burst forward with great speed trying to get to Haku.

Haku chuckles as he wipes the blood fromhis mouth and says,” Scatter... ”. The roses explodes give Haku an infinite number of tiny blades. Hakuteiken is getting closer by the second. So Haku thinks fast. He yells,” Senkei!(Massacre Scene! or Swift Death!) . The petals make Four rows of Solid swords around Haku and Hakuteiken.

Hakuteiken finally gets to Haku and punches him again.Haku flys back somemore, but not as far. He flipps and rebounds and points two fingers at Hakuteiken, and yells,“ Bankin, First Song!(Ultimate Suppression, First Song!)” . A thick Cloth wraps around Hakuteiken, and keeps him still. Haku knowing this will take a whole lot out of him. He raises both of his hands into the air, and the swords all float around them in a dome shape. Hakuteiken struggles to get out but he can't. Haku moves them together quickly as a few of the swords fly off the dome some behind Haku. They fly at Hakuteiken at great speed. The ons behind Haku slashes his sides badly, and he falls to the ground. The swords stab into Hakuteiken missing all Viral organs and everything. The cloth disappears and he falls to the ground and Kuroroze seals it's self. Hakuteiken say,” Haku you have beaten me. You are worthy of my power.”

Haku gets up slowly as he puts Kuroroze back on is hip. Hakuteiken's Kuroroze goes back to him.

Outside the Realm

Haku's body stops the rampage and stands there with a hollow mask fully formed. Haku's body struggles to get his hand up by his mask. His hand finally gets there. When it does it grabs the edge of the mask and rips it off. Haku falls to the ground being back from his Mind Realm. He looks at the mask as it falls apart. Haku chuckles as he looks around at the chaos he caused. Haku closes his eyes and meditates and he hears a voice.

“Hello, friend.”

Haku surpised at first finally regains his thoughts and says,” Hello again, Hakuteiken. I'm happy you are giving me your power.”

Hakuteiken chuckles.

“Yes, I know, your welcome. We are going to be good friend you and I. If you need to talk to me. Simply call me inside your head and I will come and talk to you. Now, you will need to seek out the leader of the Vizard. After, your mission is complete. Now go!”

Haku gets up and runs out of the area.

This is the story of how Haku got his hollow powers.
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PostSubject: Re: Hakushin Kuchiki   Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:26 pm

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Hakushin Kuchiki
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