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 Arrancar Template

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Sousuke Aizen


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PostSubject: Arrancar Template   Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:53 pm


Hollow Rank:

Sealed Zanpaktou: picture or description

Resurreccion: your appearance and abilities in your first release state (two abilities max)
Resurreccion Ability One:

Resurreccion Ability Two:

Resurreccion Segunda: appearance and abilities (three abilities max plus first stage abilities five total abilities max)

Resurreccion Segunda Ability One:

Resurreccion Segunda Ability Two:

Resurreccion Segunda Ability Three:

name hollow rank are easy. rezzurection is what you turn into when you release your zanpaktou so appearence goes here along with abilities once again don't op if you are a vasto lorde there are things you can do that others can't but don't overdo it

if you are applying for espada ignore rezzurection segunda

Segunda is the espada version of bankai to achieve it you must be a vasto lorde and train with the No. 3, No. 2, and the Primera, if you leave the the primera through no. 4 slot you will lose this ability (we don't need a bunch of super powered espada running around)

If some one achieves segunda and no. 1 through No. 4 slots are filled the new person will spar with the primera and the primera will decide his/her number if the person is weaker than the number four espada segunda will be lost until an opening appears if an opening becomes available segunda must be regained if the user wants to use it

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Arrancar Template
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