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 Zanpaktou Template

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Sousuke Aizen


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PostSubject: Zanpaktou Template   Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:29 pm

Name: (The name of your zanpaktou spirit)

Manifestation: (What does your spirit looks like. Describe it through words or an image)

Command: (What command when you call your zanpaktou)

Level: (If is it shikai or bankai. Captain and Elite Vizards are only ones that start out.

Sealed Zanpaktou: (How does your sword look in its sealed not released state)

Shikai: (how does your sword look it shikai)

Shikai Ability: (What ability does your blade gain at Shikai. Limit is three)

Bankai: (For Captains, and Elite Vaizards only! - What does your blade look like in Bankai)

Bankai Ability: (What ability does your blade gain in Bankai. Limit i two)
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Zanpaktou Template
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