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 Role playing key words

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Sousuke Aizen


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PostSubject: Role playing key words   Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:22 am

Okay this is our posting stuff if you are new to rping here is a list of commonly used talk themes

  • OP - Over Powering: this means something you wrote is Waaaay too strong

  • GM/ AH God Modding/ Auto-Hit/ defend this means you are taking control of another players character by either saying that all your attacks hit or all their attacks missed or were blocked please don't do this

  • BIC/IC: Back In Character/ In Character this means you are stepping back into the roleplay from an out of character moment

  • OOC: Out of Character this is used to convey something outside of the rp but pertaining to it exp~ telling another character to re read your characters stats or telling another player that he/she is wrong on some point or their post doesn't make sense you get the idea
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Role playing key words
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